Client Feedback

“The first time I saw work by ColdWater I knew in my heart that I wanted to work with them. For years I had envisioned using video/film to help share the solutions to critical problems we face as a nation and as individuals. But who in the industry could help me do it? Who could I find to keep within budget, produce a show-stopping product, and most importantly, who could I trust with the message? ColdWater was and is the clear answer. The quality of ColdWater’s work is stellar, but the level of passion in which they approach the subject matter is the “kicker”: ColdWater only tells the stories they believe in – and the messages they share with the world come from a deep conviction of what is right. Add to that the fact that they are stocked with creative genius, ingenuity, and a commitment to the highest technical standards, and you realize that God put ColdWater on this earth to spread truth through video and film.”

– Rebecca Hagelin, Vice President, Communications and Marketing, The Heritage Foundation (2002-2008); Senior Communications Fellow, The Heritage Foundation


“The length of time it would take for a nuclear ballistic missile, launched from North Korea to reach a US city – 33 minutes, and Obama’s talking about cutting missile defense! This is a chilling documentary makes the case for just how America can and should protect itself. So members of The Heritage Foundation are already up to speed on the effect of Obama’s budget request, $1.4 billion in missile defense, as being wrong at this time. You can see highlights of this documentary at”

– Rush Limbaugh, Nationally-syndicated talk-radio host

“Here is what is cool about working with ColdWater. They are wizards at getting the vision inside your head on to the screen. The folks at ColdWater are talented, sure, but just as important they hit deadlines and stay on budget…they are professionals.  Making a film is a lot more than writing a check. It is a collaborative, a team effort. You can’t help but trust and have confidence in the ColdWater production team from the first meeting. Someday the folks at ColdWater will be standing on the stage picking up their Oscars. They are that good.”

– Dr. James Jay Carafano, Senior Research Fellow, Defense and Homeland Security, The Heritage Foundation


“It’s one thing to have exceptional talent; it’s another thing to have wisdom and understanding. Coldwater Media has both. They took our complex and transcendent idea which integrates faith, work and economics and made it not only understandable and compelling, but fun to watch. Working with them on our video “I, Smartphone” was a pure delight and a real privilege. Their team took our script and brought it to life, brilliantly illustrating the “magic” of markets in bringing together individuals to serve one another by using our gifts and talents. The Institute for Faith, Work & Economics was incredibly blessed to get to work the ColdWater team. As a new organization, we were looking for a powerful way to make a statement and start a conversation. Their video helped us do just that. The views on YouTube far exceeded our expectations. We can’t wait to work with them again.”

– Hugh Whelchel, Executive Director, Institute for Faith, Work & Economics


“Not only are the folks at ColdWater top notch professionals with a fine aesthetic sense and a versatile capacity to get and deliver what they promise; they have that most important of all qualities one wants in a production company: they listen, understand and are able to re-articulate the mission of the group they are working with. There were times I would forget they were not originally part of our organization. I am both confident and delighted to recommend their services to others.”

– Rev. Robert A. Sirico, Co-founder and President, Acton Institute

“Several years ago Acton Institute made a strategic decision to broaden our academic research and educational efforts to include more popularly accessible tools, such as film suitable for broadcast and educational curriculum. We knew we needed a top drawer media partner to supplement our internal media team for a series of ambitious multi-media products. We chose ColdWater and have not been disappointed. Our first three major media products in partnership with ColdWater have been very well received, and promise to meet our strategic objectives.”

– Kris Alan Mauren, Co-founder and Executive Director, Acton Institute

“I have known Jim and Laurra Fitzgerald since 1999, and have had the pleasure of working with them and ColdWater Media on several major productions, including documentaries that have been broadcast on PBS and the Fox Business Channel. Their work has always been exceptional. What sets them apart from other visual media producers, however, “is that they are constantly innovating. As a result, they stay ahead of a constantly evolving medium. They have a keen aesthetic sense that is obvious to ordinary viewers and media experts. From experience, I know that they consistently over-deliver to clients and production partners. But, perhaps most importantly, they are great people! If you’re interested in creating cutting-edge media products that exceed expectations, I recommend ColdWater Media.”

– Dr. Jay Richards, Acton Institute


“The best thing I can tell you is that if somebody came to me today and said we want to produce a film, who would be the best people to do it, I would recommend ColdWater.  You guys are very, very good.  So you’ve got one happy customer here, I assure you.”

– Charles Colson, Founder


“We’ve had the privilege of collaborating with ColdWater Media on several projects. The ColdWater team brings a wealth of experience and creativity to any task they undertake. Obviously, the technical quality of their productions is exceptional. But what really sets ColdWater apart is their desire to understand the client’s vision and motivation, and to apply that background in creating a finished package that exceeds all expectations. ColdWater Media has hit a home run every time we’ve collaborated with them.”

– Jim Daly, President and CEO, Focus on the Family


“I can’t think of another organization that I have enjoyed working with more than ColdWater Media. It wasn’t just their commitment to excellence, which was superb in every area, from design to production to editing to final product; or their amazing creativity, which continually put a smile on my face, it was also the fact that is was a delight to work with them. “Together” with them. Our vision and hopes and dreams became their vision and hope and dream. We were a true team, working together for the same purpose and goal. I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

– Del Tackett, Senior Vice President, Focus on the Family


“Jim Fitzgerald and his team at ColdWater Media are the finest media production company with whom I have worked. From the creative brainstorming and conceptual development process, through the story boarding, set design, camera work, graphics and editing process, the ColdWater team delivers a highly professional product. ColdWater Media produced a promotional DVD for our non-profit organization that has proved to be highly effective in telling our story and attracting new friends and supporters to our work. We are so delighted with their product that it is prominently featured on our website’s homepage. I regularly receive compliments on the excellent quality and compelling nature of the video. For any company or organization that is looking for a highly professional, creative, energetic, and effective media production company, I enthusiastically recommend ColdWater Media.”

– Alan R. Crippen II, President, The John Jay Institute


“Drive Through History is one of the most creative, and well done programs on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. The combination of great location, footage, fast paced editing, excellent graphics, and perfectly timed music, make it extremely unique, and relevant to all ages. It has been a pleasure working with ColdWater Media on this project, and look forward to future offerings from them down the road.”

– Paul F. Crouch, Jr., Chief of Staff, Trinity Broadcasting Network


“ColdWater media is an amazing company to work with. They understood our goal, listened to our ideas, and were passionate about our cause. Through our video, ColdWater was able to drill down to the root of why people are excited about our mission and reach them on a personal level – something we had been struggling to do for years. They are masters of their work and have an unique gift for crafting an emotive message that inspires people to support the work of our organization. I would and do highly recommend their work to other leaders who are seeking a way to show supporters why their organization matters. Working with ColdWater is an investment in your mission and future success.”

– Kristan Hawkins, Executive Director, Students for Life of America


“The power of messaging through video is unprecedented.  It captures all of the human emotions and can tell it in a story that engages audiences.  We have learned through experience “cheesy video” can be equally as damaging. What impresses me most was the time the people at ColdWater Media spent talking with us to fully understand our mission, the message we hoped to communicate and what we wanted to accomplish. They then provided suggestions based on their experience and our budget. The results exceeded our expectation, the response very positive and we met our budget.”

ColdWater Media is a professional organization with a very personal touch, their enjoyable to work with.

– Steve Markel, CEO/Founder, Families of Character