Who We Are

ColdWater Media is a leading producer of powerful, cutting edge documentary films. We also make educational films, curricula, and television series. Subjects have included history, biology, philosophy, anthropology, theology, economics, and public policy. Two children’s programs are currently in development. At ColdWater Media, we want our productions to encourage serious thought about important subjects. However, we never forget that there are many good ways to illustrate a point-humor being one of the best. Drive Thru History is one good example.  In this show, we manage to have a lot of fun with the material while still delivering valuable lessons in the history of Western Civilization.

ColdWater takes great care to build deep, trusting, relationships with our clients in order to better serve their objectives. We take on those projects that we truly believe in. Producing projects that we know and care about is important because we can bring our passion to work as we craft the thousands of small details involved in every production. We strive for excellence in everything that we do.

Our team of talented professionals has traveled worldwide.  We use the most current camera technology and shooting styles.  In post-production we commission and score music or select from the best music libraries to enhance the visuals.  We have a depth of talent for editing and motion graphics.  Lastly, we strive to combine excellent writing and world-class voice talent to create a fully integrated message with a well-told story.

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ColdWater Media’s offices are located in a fully restored 19th century barn. The barn was built in about 1850 just outside of Elmore, Ohio. No longer of any agricultural use, the barn was carefully disassembled by our good friend and master craftsman Ken Andre. Each piece of the barn was labeled, cleaned, and loaded on a truck. Ken reassembled the entire hand hewn timber frame. Architect Mark Harris and local contractor John Cressman converted it to a commercial office building over a two-year period. ColdWater President Jim Fitzgerald has a lifelong interest and love of old barns.


Chester, the ColdWater Media dog, is under the impression that he runs the place.

Special thanks to Parker Fitzgerald for the ColdWater portraits.  Check out his awesome photography: https://www.flickr.com/photos/parkerfitzgerald

Photos of the barn by Josh Taber, https://www.flickr.com/photos/joshtaber