“I am fearfully and WONDERFULLY made.” Defend Life

Working with Manhattan Declaration, ColdWater Media has designed a series of videos to “Affirm the Sacred.”  Our desire was to create videos that Christians would be excited to share, because they simply celebrate the beauty of life and God’s design for marriage.

“WONDERFUL” – Defend Life

Psalm 129:14

These messages are in stark contrast to what Mother Teresa once described as the “culture of death” that is endlessly promoted in this political season. Another goal for these videos, is to motivate Christians to actively defend these ideas with their vote.

Permission is granted to share these links freely on websites, Facebook, through email, or in any other way that promotes the messages contained herein. Permission is also granted to show these videos in churches and at public events.

*If you need this media in a downloadable form to show at church or a public event.  Please contact us at info@coldwatermedia.com



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