Hillsdale College

Strength Rejoices in the Challenge

Hillsdale College reached out to ColdWater Media to create engaging short videos highlighting different aspects of the college.  Each has been promoted on Hillsdale’s social media and online marketing campaigns, garnering exponential increases in viewership and engagement.  The productions have covered a variety of topics, including Hillsdale’s liberal arts education curriculum, music program, and athletics department.


National TV Spot: “Freedom”

Hillsdale asked us to produce a national TV spot to promote the college.  ColdWater Media provided all the development and production services to create the spot, and it is now being shown on FoxNews during the 2016 election season.

The Good, the True, and the Beautiful 

Produced to highlight Hillsdale’s commitment to classic liberal arts education, this video shows the unique commitment of the students, staff, and faculty to pursuing what is “Good, True, and Beautiful.”

Strength Rejoices in the Challenge

At Hillsdale College, sports not only represent the thrill of athletic competition, but also demonstrate the challenge of becoming a better person.

Music Brings Us Together 

This video highlights the music program at Hillsdale College, focusing on the culture of music and the arts that exists among a wide variety of students.

O Holy Night 

This piece was produced for Hillsdale’s social media and email distribution channels during the 2015 Christmas season.  The video received over 420,000 combined views on Facebook and YouTube in its first week of release.

Freshman Pledge 

This video shows the dedication of Hillsdale College students, as demonstrated by the Freshman Pledge, where they commit to “embrace the high calling of liberal education.”

America the Beautiful 

Hillsdale College approached us with the idea of creating a video around the choir’s powerful rendition of “America the Beautiful.”  The video was released on July 4, 2015, and went viral. It was picked up by a number of online news outlets and achieved over 700,000 views on Facebook and YouTube in its first week.

Alma Mater 

This video was created to inspire Hillsdale College alumni and encourage them to stay involved with current projects and events.

Hillsdale College Class of 2016 

By telling the stories of four 2016 Hillsdale College graduates, this video demonstrates how Hillsdale empowers students to fulfill their passions and find their purpose.

Memorial Day Tribute 

Featuring the Hillsdale College Choir, this video was created to honor America’s fallen with the utmost respect and gratitude.  Released on Hillsdale’s social media platforms on Memorial Day weekend, the video garnered over 3.3 million views, and 147,000 shares within one week.