The Call of the Entrepreneur

How Entrepreneurs Shape Our World

“The stunning new film the Call of the Entrepreneur breathes cinematic life into a highly abstract concept.” – National Review

A merchant banker. A failing dairy farmer. A refugee from Communist China. One risked his savings. One risked his farm. One risked his life.

Why do their stories matter? Because how we view entrepreneurs—as greedy or altruistic, as virtuous or vicious—shapes the destinies of men and nations.

Reverend Robert Sirico, author of The Entrepreneurial Vocation, joins Michael Novak, George Gilder and other experts in exploring how entrepreneurs shape our world.


“I must say [The Call of the Entrepreneur] is the best visual exposition of the moral basis of entrepreneurialism and free enterprise I have ever seen… By sketching the tales of three men who have taken risks – amazingly big risks in one case – and created not just money but wealth, it underlines the importance of free enterprise to what used to be called the commonwealth… A warning: you may choke up at some of the human tales it tells. I certainly did. This is no economics lecture, but the true, very human face of free enterprise.”
-Iain Murray, blogging for The Corner on NRO

“This is an excellent, well-crafted film that thoughtfully explores the deep connection between entrepreneurism, creativity, and spirituality. I would highly recommend it.”
-Lois R.

“I can personally vouch for this excellent video. It is well-presented and well-produced. I have used it in my Business Ethics class.”
– William K., Associate Professor at Saint Xavier University